Trevor McAllister-Day


About Me

I'm an undergraduate at the UW majoring in linguistics. My interest in neuroimaging stems from my experience as a research subject in Dr. Dager's longitudinal autism study. I participated between the ages of 5 and 13 (when I got braces and mucked up the scan). My freshman year at IBIC involved three major projects: a cross-sectional autism study, involvement in the adult changes in thought study, and preparation of a manual detailing use of Make in a neuroimaging workflow. I am interested in the cognitive aspects of linguistics, especially language acquisition and production, both in healthy and atypical populations. I'm a programmer at heart, and I love the coding challenges involved in neuroimaging processing and interpretation. During the 2015-16 school year, I'm an exchange student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. I came to UBC to participate in a linguistic field methods study on a Ktunaxa, a First Nations language. I also will be starting work at a neuroimaging lab at UBC by the end of October. I am also a copy editor and writer for The Daily, I enjoy sailing, Ultimate, photography, and visual design.

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