About IBIC

IBIC is a research resource center at the University of Washington for advancing knowledge of the organization of the human brain in health and disease. IBIC focuses and fosters expertise in cognitive neuroscience, human MRI-based neuroimaging, and medicine, across departments and colleges at the UW.

IBIC provides expert support for designing, conducting, and analyzing experiments using functional magnetic resonance imaging and supporting MRI approaches such as high resolution structural imaging, diffusion imaging, and advanced MR spectroscopy. IBIC also provides a mock scanner for subject training, support for experimental task design and delivery, a research EEG acquisition facility, support for simultaneous EEG and fMRI data acquisition, and state of the art image processing and neuroinformatics infrastructure.

Confused by the acronyms?

Let us explain.


IBIC was enabled by a grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust (Vancouver, WA), and funds from the UW School of Medicine, College of Arts and Sciences, and Provost's Office. IBIC was organized under the Department of Radiology, which partnered with Philips Corporation and the Department of Psychology to install a research-dedicated 3T MRI scanner, and recruited Dr. Grabowski as Director in 2009. IBIC was further enabled by an NIH ARRA RC4 award to Dr. Grabowski in 2010. Consolidation and renovation of IBIC programmatic space at the University of Washington Medical Center was completed in 2012.

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