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OHBM 2013

  • Out of Body/Out of Mind: Scanner artifact detection in open access resting state fMRI.

    Clark Johnson, Nolan Nichols, Su-Chun Huang, Thomas Grabowski, Todd Richards
  • Children with Dyslexia/Dysgraphia and DTI parameter Correlations with Reading/Language Scores.

    Todd Richards, Thomas Grabowski, Katie Askren, Elliot Collins, Kevin Yagle, Desiree Gulliford, Olivia Welker, Virginia Berninger
  • A Tale of Two Dynamic Cities: Robust Intrinsic Dynamic Functional Connectivity in Healthy Elderly.

    Tara Madhyastha, Thomas Grabowski, Susan Mérillat, Sarah Hirsiger, Mike Martin, Sherry Willis, K. Warner Schaie, & Lutz Jäncke
  • A Low-Cost, Computer-Interfaced Drawing Pad for fMRI Studies of Dysgraphia and Dyslexia.

    Frederick Reitz, Todd Richards, Kelvin Wu, Peter Boord, Mary Askren, Thomas Lewis, and Virginia Berninger
  • Functional Connectivity in Parkinson’s Disease

    Elliot Collins, Tara Madhyastha, Mary Askren, Peter Boord, James Leverenz, Thomas Grabowski
  • Longitudinal Reliability of Tract-Based Spatial Statistics in Diffusion Tensor Imaging

    Tara Madhyastha, Susan Mérillat, Ladina Bezzola, Franziskus Liem, Sarah Hirsiger, Thomas Grabowski, Mike Martin & Lutz Jäncke
  • Task-induced high-gamma suppression shows lateralized relationships with reaction time in the retrosplenial cortex.

    Weaver KE; Wander JD; Sarma D; Blakely TM; Johnson LA; Grabowski TJ; Ojemann JG


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