Kevin Conley, PhD


About Me

The goal of my group is to develop, test and implement new in vivo metabolic tools for studying human and animal aging and disease. Our current focus is on the mitochondrial and cell energy properties that maintain cell health and how they change with age. We have 4 key goals: 1) Development: to create in vivo diagnostic innovations that provide an unprecedented window into human and animal aging, 2) Diagnosis: to combine state-of-the-art non-invasive technology with basic science studies of the physiology of aging and disease to guide development of novel diagnostic tools, 3) Discovery: to identify and quantify key molecules that regulate tissue function and underlie aging and disease at the cellular level in vivo using high-sensitivity imaging measurements, and 4) Dissemination: to provide our experimental procedures and spectroscopic tools to research sites involved in human and animal aging studies. We currently collaborate with 4 sites (2 additional pending funding) with NIA funded programs in the US.

Recent Publications

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