Johnathan Hill


About Me

I am currently a Junior at the University of Washington, pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. My interests are in the use of neuroimaging approaches to understanding the biological underpinnings of psychological disorders. Under the guidance of Dr. Natalia Kleinhans and Maya Reiter, I am working as an undergraduate Radiology 499 student in Dr. Kleinhans' Social Sensory Processing Study. Our study utilizes functional magnetic resonance imaging technology to better understand social and sensory sensitivity in children with autism spectrum disorder. My main responsibilities include entering data into the University of Washington's Autism Center database, organizing subject folders, working with Maya to guide participants into the fMRI machine, preparing material for subject visits, making gift bags for participants and assisting the team with other important tasks. Working with Dr. Kleinhans' lab, I have been able to expand my knowledge of clinical psychometric and fMRI research--particularly in research on individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Under the direction of Dr. Tara Madhyastha, I am also learning how to use the UNIX computer operating system. IBIC is a wonderful, collaborative team to work for and I have learned a plethora of valuable material here. It is really fascinating to see how research can be executed on a multidimensional level, throughout various fields of study. This experience has given me the opportunity to learn beyond what is possible in my normal academic studies. I am looking forward to the wealth of knowledge I am going to gain as I continue to work with IBIC, the K-Lab team and Tara!

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