Natalia Kleinhans, PhD

Research Associate Professor

About Me

My laboratory focuses on multimodal imaging approaches to investigate the neural basis of abnormal social processing in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and its relationship to symptom presentation and severity. In my ongoing research on ASD, I have explored the relationship between autism symptomology and abnormalities in neural structure and function using linear regression and functional connectivity analyses, combined with behaviorally based measures. In a parallel effort, I am using multi-modal imaging approaches to explore the neurobiological basis of ASD. I am currently funded by the NINDS to study structural and functional connectivity in ASD while developing techniques to integrate functional connectivity data to white matter integrity using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). I am also, with support from the Center on Human Development and Disability, expanding my program of research to include sensory processing.

Dr. Kleinhans is currently recruiting children ages 8-12 to participate in the Social and Sensory Processing Study. This study seeks to better understand the biochemical, brain, and behavioral causes of social challenges and sensory sensitivity in children with autism. For more information, or to have your child participate, please visit the study webpage

Recent Publications

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