Maya Reiter

Research Coordinator

About Me

Since graduating, I have been working in the lab of Dr. Natalia Kleinhans, using fMRI, DTI and MRS to investigate brain differences in autism, depression and mild traumatic brain injury. I plan to complete a PhD program with a specific interest in functional connectivity in relation to psychopathology in autism, and in affective disorders such as depression and anxiety. More recently, I have been coordinating the Social Sensory Processing Study, seeking to better understand the biochemical, brain, and behavioral causes of sensory sensitivity in children with autism. Prior to my graduation, and during my studies at the University of Washington, I spent two years working in the lab of Dr. K Warner Schaie and Dr. Sherry Willis as a part of the Seattle Longitudinal Study, using fMRI to investigate normal and abnormal cognitive change through adulthood. Later, I became interested in psychopathology and psychotherapy and, under the guidance of Dr. Corey Fagan, wrote my honors thesis on the effects of outcome monitoring on psychotherapy outcome.

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