Eric Shankland, PhD

Research Scientist

About Me

As a research scientist in the Department of Radiology at the University of Washington, I manage an NMR facility with oversight of three high field magnets. With this oversight, I have become knowledgeable of a wide variety of biological research questions ranging from tumour biology to basic muscle physiology. Each of these projects has enabled me to gain expertise with numerous methodologies focused on providing insight into mechanisms of cellular processes, such as in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging, optical sensing, and supporting analysis paradigms. Through my tenure, I have provided support to a diverse set of principle investigators to obtain funding and prepare research publications.

As a core member of IBIC, I am responsible to develop and implement NMR techniques, particularly as applied to spectroscopic investigation of key biochemical processes, in situ. This development involves integration of state � of � the � art pulse sequence design on several vendors� platforms, design and fabrication of radio frequency coils and supporting methods for data acquisition, and development and implementation of data analysis techniques. Through continued work advancing NMR research and implementing cutting edge acquisition paradigms, I am establishing a more visible role in brain function. In particular, I am collaborating on a recently submitted R01 to investigate basic biochemical processes and delineate adaptation of neural systems to blindness in human brain.

Recent Publications

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